Knock out Perfect

by See the Sea



wrote track when I was away from my love....a month can be damn long, when you're longing for the one. basically this is a love song, that all it is. the song would fit perfect some superstar with a major deal.

As for my artwork: following CASABLANCA as a knock out perfect movie: reproducing a scene: creating a warhol like picture: i hope it can be considered as "fair use" for a movie that was released in 1943 and copyright should be under puplic domain by now...if not, then still see it as fair use: creating something different. Btw: same goes for the song: as it is purely original and anyone thinking about "the rose" ; it did occure me, once i recorded it: but hey: it is actually far off, that song.


“KNOCK OUT” PERFECT by roger specker

I was here I was there
I’ve seen so many things
For which I didn’t care
But now I am here
Here with you… my dear
And it’s just wonderful
And I got to ( gotta ) say….

It’s so perfect so radiant and perfect
When I see you, it is all so clear
It’s so perfect so “knock out” perfect …., When I am with you, with you my love

I was down, going all around
had restless nights,
in places where nothing counts.
And I saw so many things on that way now
But I…..I just thank God to have finally found you…
.Cause you are perfect, ohh yes its perfect
Just to be with you, with you my dear
Cause it’s perfect, It’s so perfect
Just to see your face, that I love love love

Ohhhooo… it’s so perfect./… Uuhhhhhhhhh…

we share the love and all the moments now
we are together babe…a perfect romance.
And it’s all…I gotta say this to you babe….
I gotta say it one more time one more time…….

It’s so perfect so radiant and perfect
When I see you, it is all so clear
It’s so perfect so ‘knock out” perfect

Cause you are perfect, ohm yes its perfect
Just to be with you….. With you my dear …..with you my dear……


released May 24, 2014
Roger Specker, see the sea



all rights reserved


See the Sea Switzerland

Hi I am a songwriter who likes to join with others. My songs are here to cover, if you respect the royalty rights. SUISA member.

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